Not feeling like your best self? Discover what's holding you back from better health.

Are you looking for a team of passionate, forward-thinking people who want to empower you toward better health? Its our mission to help you do that! We’ve created an inspiring environment that encourages relaxation, connection, and well-being that allows you to discover and recreate your best self.

Dr. Iris Crawford

CEO, Medical Director

Tired Of Diets That Don’t Work? Find out the real reason you may not be able to lose weight.

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Dr. Jill Ghormley

Director of Physical and Spa Medicine

Are you struggling with a difficult health issue & see little results from other treatments?

Let Dr. Jill Ghormley help you discover the secret language of your body so you can get unstuck with your health now.

Dr. Cynthia Kotarski

Are you feeling stuck in negative patterns that hold you back from achieving the health you’ve always wanted?

Find out what health transformations and breakthroughs are possible with the power of mindbody medicine. Schedule now with Dr. Cynthia Kotarski.

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Phil Cohen, LAc, LMT

Do you feel limited by your chronic health issues? Unleash the power of your health with acupuncture.

Schedule a free consult with Phil Cohen now to harness your dormant healing abilities with this amazing ancient technique.

Try Our Far Infrared Sauna!

Want to boost metabolism, detoxify your body, find relief from pain and inflammation, improve skin health, and burn calories while sitting and relaxing? Visit our brand new Far Infrared (FIR) Sauna to receive all of these benefits and more!

Top 10 Signs You Might Be Toxic!

If you read my blog articles last week, you now understand the severity of the problem and how toxic our environment really is. But how do you know just how toxic you are? Here are the major things that you may be experiencing related to toxic build up. Signs you...

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The Toxin, Hormone, Fat Connection

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, you may be familiar with the old “calories in versus calories out” equation. Although it seems simple and it even makes sense, then why are more than 70% of us fat and over 90% of dieters just gain all the weight back? Well, if...

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