It’s unsurprising that more than 25% of people skip breakfast more than once a week, but due to the health benefits of eating a regular breakfast, it should worry women the most. More than 29% of women skip breakfast for the simple fact that they’re too busy getting ready for the day to dedicate some time to eat a complete morning meal. Given the clear health benefits of eating breakfast within two hours of waking up, it’s disappointing that more people don’t make the extra effort to ensure they have a healthy breakfast every morning.

The next time you rush out the door with only a cup of coffee in your hand, remember these 3 unique benefits of having a regular, healthy breakfast every morning:

Improved Cognitive Reasoning and Creative Performance

Studies have shown that replenishing glycogen stores within an hour or two of waking can help encourage greater metabolic rates and improve cognitive performance across a variety of applications – including difficult academic tests or presentations. Significant gains in higher brain function and activity have been observed in subjects who had a nutritious breakfast over those who skipped the meal or simply ingested sugar.

Reduced Risk of Developing Serious Diseases

It’s been proven that a regular, healthy breakfast can help protect against diabetes. According to a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, women who skip breakfast are at much higher risk of developing Type-2 Diabetes than those who eat a regular and healthy breakfast and limited their diet to three regular meals rather than 4 smaller ones spread out throughout the day. More startlingly, the affected women and their subsequent diabetes diagnosis was only partially mediated by body mass index.

Better Weight Loss and Overall Fitness Levels

According to a study in the journal Obesity, people who ate breakfast as their most substantive daily meal lost nearly 18 pounds over the course of three months. Another group took in most of their calories during dinner only lost an average of 7 pounds during the same period. Plus, eating a balanced meal early in the day provides your body with the energy needed to perform athletic activities and be more physically active.

Improved Cognitive Performance and Memory Retention

There’s plenty of anecdotal evidence comparing the performance gains in academic settings and a balanced, healthy breakfast at the beginning of a strenuous day, but other studies have pointed to the relationship between proper nutrition early in the day and improved attitude, focus, and concentration. Moreover, people who reported that they didn’t regularly eat a meal at breakfast time demonstrated lower full scale, verbal, and performance IQ scores than those who ate a regular breakfast.

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