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Naturkur Wellness Center, located in Seattle, Washington, is home to a team of dedicated naturopathic physicians, physical medicine specialists, acupuncturists, and health and lifestyle coaches. Their multi-provider approach allows them to give fully integrated, patient-focused care in the area of weight loss, hormone balance, and total wellness.

Each provider holds a deep appreciation for mind-body medicine, Chinese medicine, and evidence-based natural medicine. They are dedicated to having a complete understanding of the whole person entrusted to their care and strive to uncover the root cause of any of their symptoms or conditions.

The team at Naturkur Wellness Center strives to help men, women, and children find their optimal health, and to prevent and heal disease whenever possible. No matter the age, gender, orientation, race, or background, they seek to equip and empower each patient at every stage of their life.

Starting at birth, the providers at Naturkur Wellness Center give support to both child and parent, during healthy growth or when there are special needs. Men can find support for healthy sexuality, building strength, and enhancing their peak performance. Women can find support throughout their lifetime, including pregnancy, postpartum, breastfeeding, infertility, and every stage of menopause.

Both men and women find support for reaching and maintaining a healthy weight, even when previous attempts have been unsuccessful. Healthy weight loss is much more than just losing pounds at Naturkur Wellness Center; it is also about gaining overall wellness in the process.

Naturkur Wellness Center believes that empowering health-focused individuals enhances the well-being of families, which, in turn, builds healthy communities. They are dedicated to giving natural, holistic care to each and every patient and to helping them reach their best health possible for a lifetime.

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