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At NaturKur Wellness Center, our mission is to provide customized, natural, effective solutions targeted at reversing chronic disease by identifying the root cause of every patient’s health challenges, bringing each person closer to optimum health.

Our Medical Director, Dr. Iris Crawford, is a leading naturopathic physician specializing in endocrinology and metabolism, giving her an advantage in helping her patients achieve lifelong results on all health programs.

Our expertise in hormone balancing provides solutions where conventional methods have failed in symptom relief and improvement of overall health and disease risk reduction. Specifically, we have extensive success and treatment options in thyroid and adrenal health as well as bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.

Medical Weight Loss

Learn more about our Medical Weight Loss programs, and see how we can help you overcome your weight loss barriers and meet your healthy body goals.

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Hormone Balancing

Learn more about our hormone balancing programs, and how we can help you overcome a large variety health issues by getting your body back in balance.

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Other Programs

Learn more about our other programs and services, including our far infrared sauna, cardiometabolic health programs and single naturopathic vists.

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