Tanya Holland

Tanya is a licensed Master Aesthetician and Certified Medical Laser Technician
Tana Holland

Meet Tanya Holland

Tanya Holland is a licensed Master Aesthetician and Certified Medical Laser Technician that has spent the past 15 years helping her clients in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York City achieve their skin care goals. She has extensive experience and professional training in clinical products, medical peels, and is certified in multiple laser therapies and other non-surgical alternatives for preventing and reversing the signs of aging.

According to Tanya, “I’ve always wanted to work in the medical field like my mother and grandmother in Iceland. Unsure about which path to take, I explored many different specialties before choosing a career. While working in a Gastroenterology clinic in San Francisco, I realized that a patient’s skin can be the windows to the first signs of illness or imbalance within the body. Many of the patients were dealing with eczema, redness, dull, dry skin, pigmentation, unexplained rashes, acne scars, and breakouts that were affecting their daily lives.

It really hit home when I myself was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and my skin showed it. It was this experience that propelled me into the medical aesthetics field with a passion for helping men and women feel confident in who they are and how they look.

I believe that the health of your skin directly affects how you feel and influences confidence and self-esteem. More importantly, the health of your body is always reflected in your skin, therefore beauty really does start from the inside. I love collaborating with other health practitioners who can greatly enhance what I do by improving internal health. It allows my clients to achieve better results than what might be possible elsewhere. This, combined with my customized approach, is what sets me apart and feeds my passion for healthy, radiant skin.

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