We’ve been dealing with a pandemic for a few months now, with impacts on families, economies, and the world that we have never seen before and will hopefully never see again in our lifetimes. The pandemic has kept many of us isolated physically, and many of us have had to drastically change the structure of our days and our habits to accommodate this new life. Though things are slowly shifting, here are a few things to consider as the world reopens:



Collective Grief

We all went through an intense amount of collective grief and many of us continue to do so. Many lost people who we care about, or we know someone who did. As a result, the world is not the same as it once was. And unfortunately, many of us have not been able to grieve in the ways we used to. Funerals and celebrations of life have been postponed or cancelled. It’s important to hold a space of grace for those who have lost loved ones and have experienced compounded grief.



In the United States, we are still in the first wave of this virus. There have been many debates and quarrels about the continued need to wear face-masks, keep our celebrations small and continue to use protective measures. If you are able, continue to be mindful of each other. You never know what the person next to you has gone through behind that face-mask and gloves. It’s important to remember and tap into our humanity – we are all just trying to get through this time in our world history. Let’s do our part to keep each other safe.



This pandemic has caused a lot of stress in multitudes of different ways. Families have had to shift into homeschooling situations. People have lost their jobs or been furloughed. Those who are extroverted have had to become more introverted and distanced physically from one another, and introverts have had to use their voices more now that they can’t be in the same room as others. We are learning new ways to deal with stress, which is not a pretty process for everyone. Remember, it’s important you allow yourself time to process what has and is continuing to happen in the world today; give yourself and each other a little grace.



As the world reopens, we will get through this. Let’s do what we can to be a stronger and kinder human civilization after this. We are adaptive and resilient, it’s often what defines us as humans. We are finding the good people, the helpers and healers, appreciating those we often overlooked and now have come to cherish. This time has been a crash course in empathy and self-reflection. The most important lesson moving forward, and in the words Ellen Degeneres uses to close out her daily talk show, is to “Be Kind to One Another.”


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