These are some of the little things our team does to increase energy, boost immune systems and allow us to pamper ourselves a little bit in the thick of winter. We love these seasonal self-care tips because they’re easy to incorporate into busy schedules and don’t take a lot of planning or commitment. We encourage you to check them out and we’d love to hear about any of your own favorite winter time rituals you’d like to share with the Naturkur Community!

Dr. Danica Kampfe

  • Sometimes I sort of like embracing the winter darkness. Cuddling with warm blankets, cozying up by fireplaces & reading good books; snuggling fuzzy 4-legged animals.
  • Game-nights with friends (Mexican Dominoes or Phase 10).
  • Drinking lots of tea.
  • Hot yoga or yin yoga. Exercise classes with friends. Snow sports.

Dr. Kampfe’s Immune boosting tips

  • Vitamin D as indicated. Vitamin C. and Elderberry syrup for cold/flu.
  • Warming foods (soups, broths, hot meals; hot tea, warming herbs like ginger, cayenne, turmeric, cinnamon, garlic, onions), peat baths or other warming hydrotherapy.
  • Infrared Sauna or happy lights.


  • I love aromatherapy and use blends to boost my mood in my diffuser at home or in the office on dreary days!
  • My favorite thing to do is walk with my dog on the beach in the winter months and collect heart shaped rocks (I have a huge collection!)
  • I take a ferry trip to Vashon or Bainbridge Island when the lines are shorter and get a full day of light in while appreciating the beauty of Seattle’s surrounding areas.
  • I paint with lots of color to cheer myself up once a week at least! Make a big pot of herbal tea to enjoy with a good book at the end of the day. Cheers!


  • When the sun does shine I take a few minutes and soak up the warmth.
  • Dance it out! Play music that gets your body moving – it will increase your blood flow and energize you! I’m a 90’s hip hop fan and it always does the trick.
  • Spend time with friends! Winter usually makes me want to stay inside and be anti-social but even one night with friends boosts my energy and reminds me that there’s still living to be done, even in the dead of winter!


  • Winter is when I tend to get more crafty. Because the cold weather and early evenings force us indoors I use this time to get into a meditative mind space by picking up a project that I may have forgotten, or start a new one. Anything that keeps my hands busy and helps me clear my mind.

Dr. Jill Ghormley

  • I am never without drawing or playing the guitar in my off time and with the cold weather.
  • It is a great time for reflection and picking up a new hobby or seeking out something different especially during the rainy season.
    • I always encourage patients to try something indoor such as rock climbing or joining up a social event like a book club to keep the mind and spirit busy

Dr. Iris Crawford

  • Treat yourself to a day at the spa
  • Infrared Sauna sessions