For those who aren’t familiar with the practice, body composition analysis (BCA) is the process of examining the human body to determine the percentage of body fat compared to muscle tissue. It can determine the amount of intercellular water and extracellular water in the body. Many medical professionals are now looking to body composition, as opposed to the outdated Body Mass Index (BMI), as a means of determining how healthy an individual’s body is, and for good reason.

Most weight-loss diets cause you to lose muscle and fat which is why it’s so important to track your composition of fat and muscle, NOT just weight or BMI. The Crawford Metabolic Repair Protocol targets fat specifically, allowing you to retain muscle for long-term success. Learn more about weight loss and our targeted programs right here.

BCA Testing Provides More Accurate Estimates of Overall Health

A bodybuilder and a sedentary person struggling with obesity and diabetes who are the same height may both present to their doctor with the same BMI. This is because BMI generally only takes limited factors into consideration, such as age, weight, biological sex, and height. While both the bodybuilder and the sedentary individual have the same BMI, they may be in incredibly disparate conditions health-wise.

If you or a loved one are trying to take control of your health by reducing your weight, your focus should be on increasing physical activity and improving the ratio of muscle to fat in the body, not simply on the number on the scale or a person’s BMI. Visiting a medical facility with a body composition analysis machine on-site is an effective way to determine the baseline to improve your health.

BCA Provides Insight into Health Progress

Those working to lose weight and improve their health are often faced with the dreaded plateau: that point where, despite a lower calorie and overall healthier diet and an increase in physical activity, the individual’s body weight is not decreasing. Especially early in the weight loss process, this can be a result of building muscle, which weighs more than fat. Instead of being discouraged, a person who is having regular BCA checkups will know that though the number on the scale may not be plummeting, the amount of lean muscle tissue in the body is increasing, improving overall health and strengthening the individual’s ability to burn fat in the future.

Scheduling Body Composition Analysis Testing in the Seattle Area Is Easy – Benefits of a Body Composition Analysis

NaturKur Wellness Center has a state-of-the-art BCA machine that is regularly used in the practice to aid patients in improving their health and wellbeing via the gradual improvement of their body composition. If you or a loved one are about to embark on a journey of improved wellness and healthier body composition, Dr. Crawford and her team are ready to support you throughout the process. Call today to learn how simple getting healthy can be!