Yes! Women need testosterone. Although it is typically thought of as a “male” hormone, women produce testosterone as well, just in smaller amounts. Testosterone in women is also associated with libido and increasing muscle mass. Low levels will often exacerbate anxiety in women in particular. High levels can start creating male-like patterns in females, including hair growth in male-type patterns. Increased aggression, acne, and/or changes in menstrual cycles are also symptoms of high testosterone.



How can a woman increase testosterone levels?

Women can increase testosterone levels by adding in botanical medicines and precursor hormones. However, it is essential that a proper evaluation of current levels of testosterone is completed beforehand. Increasing testosterone levels without knowing the current levels can cause problems for women in particular.

*Many practitioners will offer testosterone replacement therapy in the form of pellets or creams, but this is not a service our practice provides.



Can low testosterone make you gain weight?

Yes, low testosterone can make you gain weight. Testosterone is an androgen, which functions in the body as a steroid hormone. Impacting the pathways leading to fat breakdown and lean muscle creation. Low levels of testosterone for women lead to a decrease in the ability to breakdown fat adequately, and decreased muscle growth, causing weight gain. 



What happens if a woman takes testosterone?

Women need to create and maintain adequate levels of testosterone. Which in some cases means hormone supplementation. After seeking and receiving testosterone treatment, the goal is to have levels restored to an ideal measure. After such, women may experience a boost in energy, mood, and libido. They may also experience an easier time losing fat and gaining lean muscle as well as a decrease in her hot flashes (for those who are perimenopausal).



How can you test your testosterone levels?

We recommend first and foremost to test using saliva or urine. Secondly, work with a naturopathic physician who specializes in women’s health and hormones.

Dr. Iris Crawford created an at-home Adrenal and Hormone Salivary Test Kit to complete in the comfort of your own home. She has made this test available without the need to schedule a doctors visit, simply order the kit and it will be delivered directly to your home. Additionally, she has created options for you to work with her team upon receiving results of your saliva test.

If you aren’t ready for testing just yet, schedule a free informational consultation with our Associate Physician to learn more about our practice, programs, and services.