Food Sensitivity and Detox

If you have been on a detox you need to take your time introducing certain foods. You might have been on a detox specifically to figure out what your food sensitivity issues are. Today I’m going to walk you through the ins and outs of eggs.

Reintroducing Eggs into your Diet


Eggs are a wonderful source of quality protein and have countless uses in cooking and baking. However, due largely to major changes in farming practices, eggs are a common allergen for many people. If you have carefully reintroduced eggs and are not experiencing any unpleasant symptoms that could indicate intolerance, here are a few tips to make sure you get the highest quality eggs in your diet.


Buy Organic and Antibiotic-Free Eggs


Eggs labeled organic and antibiotic-free mean that the chickens who laid them have not been medicated and have been fed an organic grain-based diet. Federal legislation states that commercial chicken feed must be vegetarian as a way to protect hens against the inclusion of by-products in their food. But there is no regulation on hormones or pesticides. Any toxins the chickens are exposed to will be present in their eggs and, thus, will be transferred to your body as well.

Homemade Mayonnaise Recipe

Help yourself to my free Homemade Mayonnaise recipe and have a beautiful day.

Free-range vs Pasture-raised Eggs

Free range refers to chickens that have had access to green grass. In commercial farming practices, this is often accomplished by placing hens in a small bottomless cage attached to a tractor which moves the cage a few feet every day. Pasture-raised, or “finished at pasture”, indicates that the chickens are allowed to roam freely in large areas of grass and pasture land. These are usually the hens that lay the most nutrient-dense eggs, as insects are a necessary part of their diet.

Duck Eggs

If you have sensitivity to chicken eggs, see how you respond to duck eggs. As a different species, the proteins in duck eggs are different from that found in chicken eggs. It is a viable option for many people with an intolerance for chicken eggs. The same labeling rules apply: make sure you are getting organic, antibiotic-free, and range fed duck eggs to ensure the highest nutrient value.

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