Not feeling like yourself or as if you’re losing control of your own health? It can be an overwhelming feeling. It’s why Dr. Crawford and her team focus on empowering women to get control of their life back through improving their health by addressing hormonal imbalances. One of the first steps in empowering yourself is to understand what could be causing the symptoms hindering your happiness and healing. Starting with what type of doctor to help you, how to test for hormonal imbalance, and which hormones should be tested to give you a full picture of your hormone health.

What type of doctor do you see for hormone imbalance?

When people start experiencing hormonal imbalances, oftentimes their primary care provider will try to troubleshoot with birth control pills or antidepressants or other prescription medication to address the symptoms. When those don’t work they may opt to send them to endocrinologists. The word “endocrine” means relating to or denoting glands which secrete hormones or other products directly into the blood, thus endocrinologists are those who study the endocrine system. However, endocrinologists have specific areas of specialty, therefore, even if you find one who specializes in female hormones, they tend to overlook hormone imbalances unless it is showing up as a disease state. Because of this, endocrinologists don’t look at all the right things and in the right way to determine the root cause of hormonal imbalance and address it. In fact, many of our past patients have expressed disappointment with their visit with an endocrinologist.

Why a Naturopathic Doctor

Naturopathic doctors have extensive training on the impacts of the endocrine system on the body and its effects on the human experience. They also have more tools in their toolbox to offer patients experiencing hormone imbalances, including herbs and the use of compounded bioidentical hormones that can help get levels back to normal. Naturopathic doctors also strive to practice individualized medicine, and you will find that even if two patient’s symptoms of hormone balance look similar, their treatment plans will not be the same. Further, many naturopathic doctors are experts in Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome caused by stress. While most MDs/endocrinologists believe Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome does not exist. This is why so many people get turned away when seeking help and are only offered prescription medications such as antidepressants or birth control pills.


What is the best way to test for hormone levels?

Conventionally, the sex hormones are almost always tested in blood. But because this does not show true bioavailable hormone levels, salivary or urinary testing is not only more accurate, but also more convenient. For the hormones we test that are often imbalanced, saliva testing for hormones gives us the best indication of what is available in your body. There are some hormones, however, that are better tested through blood such as thyroid hormones. 


What hormones are important to test?

For women, the most important hormones to test are those related to reproductive system functioning, including estrogen and progesterone, testosterone, and the precursor hormone DHEA. DHEA, along with cortisol, also gives us an indication of how the adrenal glands are functioning. An imbalance in adrenal function often coincides with imbalances in female reproductive hormones, as the two systems are highly intertwined. Additionally, we test melatonin levels to give us an indication of how your sleep-wake system is working. We have a unique, proprietary combination of tests designed by Dr. Crawford, creator of the Crawford Hormone Revitalization Method that you can’t find anywhere else. This specific testing will identify what stage (there are 4 stages) of Adrenal Fatigue you are in among other things.


How can I test my hormones at home – Online Hormone Testing for Women

Our preferred method to test hormones is through saliva collection, which is completed in the comfort of your own home. Typically you need the test ordered and interpreted by a physician. Although it is not recommended that you try to interpret your own test results, we do feel that every woman deserves to have access to the right kind of hormone testing. So in order to empower more women with their health, in addition to our hormone balancing programs, we also offer salivary adrenal and hormone test kits for sale without having to go through your doctor.


How much does a saliva hormone test cost?

Cost of salivary hormone testing depends on which lab you use and the number of hormones tested. Salivary hormone testing of most or all of the sex hormones can range from $300 to $800. Our salivary adrenal and hormone home test kit is priced at $1,000 (get 25% off now!). This tests the exact 9 hormones that Dr. Crawford uses in her proprietary approach, the Crawford Hormone Revitalization Method. Our saliva test is processed through a CLIA certified laboratory within a few days of receipt, so we are able to give you results much faster without having to see your doctor.