Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night dripping in sweat from a hot flash? Or find the need to fan yourself during the day to cool down from an unexpected hot flash? Wondering how or why you are suffering from this uncontrollable and uncomfortable bodily function? You’re not alone, millions of women are wondering what causes hot flashes and don’t know where to look for help. Here’s a hint: it’s your hormones!

What is a natural remedy for hot flashes?

There are many herbs used traditionally and modernly for hot flashes. However, working with someone skilled in making sure your hormones are at an optimal level and who is very familiar with herbs is the most important thing to consider.

Some herbs that may be used are Dong Quai, Black Cohosh, Sage, and Flax. Keep in mind, these herbs don’t get to the root of why hot flashes are occurring in the first place. Hot flashed occurs due to a drastic change in hormones resulting in an uncomfortable imbalance.

Do hot flashes ever go away?

Hot flashes are almost always caused by a hormonal change. This hormonal change is typically related to menopause, more directly a change in estrogen levels. As estrogen levels decrease in the body it affects the body’s “internal thermostat.” When the body experiences even a slight change in body temperature the internal thermostat reacts causing a series of events to “cool” the body down resulting in a hot flash. 

Hot flashes can go away as your body adjusts to having less estrogen (which takes some time). Or if estrogen is replaced which can happen quickly through bioidentical hormones or with the help of botanical and nutritional supplementation). If your hot flashes have continued for more than 5 years, consider having a naturopathic medical provider join your healthcare team. They will provide a more holistic and natural approach!

How can I stop hot flashes at night?

The best first step to help stop your nighttime hot flashes is to work with a naturopathic medical team specialized in hormone imbalance!

Perhaps the easiest way to handle hot flashes at night is to set yourself for a good nights sleep. Make sure that your sleep environment is set up for an optimal sleeping temperature (around 60 degrees). Decrease the amount of covers you sleep with and use a fan to circulate air throughout the room to keep your body temperature regulated. 


How to know if your hot flashes are tied to your hormones?

The short answer, they are.

Every woman’s body is different and as a result their hormone levels are different. That’s why it’s so important to test your hormones. There isn’t a one size fits all for hormone balancing (or hot flashes). You may find that some things work temporarily but until you address the root (hormones) the hot flashes will keep showing up. Understanding what causes hot flashes is the key.

If you want a cursory look at your hormones we offer an at-home hormone test kit. No doctors visit required. Simply order online, it will be shipped directly to you. Complete the collection process in the comfort of your own home and mail it back. Once you receive the results you have a better understanding of what your hormone levels are.

We also offer lab reviews* with one of our Naturopathic Physicians where they will interpret and explain in detail what your results show. On top of that, they will create a custom treatment plan for you to begin addressing and improving your individual hormone health.

*lab reviews not included with the test kit but are available as an upgrade