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Have you ever looked at a photo of yourself and said, ‘that’s not me’?

Do you feel uncomfortable in your own skin because no matter what you eat or how much you exercise you can’t seem to lose weight or keep it off?

You are not alone!

Schedule your Free Health Strategy Session now so you can find out what’s making it impossible for you to lose weight. Come away with a plan to uncover the hidden causes of weight gain, low energy, sleep and mood issues, and how to lose about 25 pounds in the next 6 weeks! Plus, you’ll know exactly what to eat to keep it off without dieting.

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About Dr. Crawford

Dr. Iris Crawford, CEO and Medical Director of Naturkur Wellness Center, is a naturopathic physician and health strategist. Growing up in a poor, uneducated family struggling with health issues, she realized that being healthy was a key factor to breaking out of poverty and she became inspired. After her long, painful journey through medical school she found herself burned out and 20 pounds overweight. This led to the discovery and development of a powerful, comprehensive system that has a huge impact on health. Read more.

I’m an emotional eater and was always on a diet but nothing seemed to help me lose weight. I avoided going out on dates or out with friends or doing things with family because I didn’t feel good about the way I looked. Dr. Crawford is helping me get my body back in balance and I finally know exactly what to eat and in the process lose the extra weight.


After losing 37lbs, my mobility is much improved and overall health is better. I have been able to stop taking one blood pressure medication altogether and now have a lower dosage of the other.

Beverly B.

Before working with Dr. Crawford I had tried so many strict diets with very little results. It was very stressful to put in so much time, money, and effort and not get results. I was frustrated with trying to find clothes that fit or be active while being overweight. Now, since I have lost 50 pounds I feel I have a better outlook on life. This program has opened my eyes to making healthy life changes rather than a quick fix. With the encouragement and support from Dr. Crawford I know I can get to my goal and maintain the results.


I was on over a dozen prescription meds, obesity, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, high cholesterol etc. My goal was to get off all medications within one year. After 3 months I was off all but two meds. After 10 months I have lost 117 pounds and down 48 inches.

Jay C.

I am 63 years old and was feeling desperate about how to lose the 80 lbs I wanted to lose. I have now lost 44lbs as of today and have the confidence I will be successful. Thank you Dr. Crawford and Jessica for all your support whenever I needed it.

Tom S.

I felt stuck with my weight loss and not satisfied with my overall health. Having access to a physician made all the difference. I had lots of questions and it was comforting to know that I could turn to them for guidance. I found them to be available and responsive. I can’t imagine going anywhere else for weight loss support.


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