The Myth

A common misconception people have when they are trying to lose weight is that fat in your diet is what actually makes your body fat. While it’s true we need to be careful about how much and what types of fat we eat, many low-fat foods are unhealthy in other ways. They usually contain high amounts of added carbohydrates, sugar or salt. I’m really frustrated with how many fat-free, low-calorie products are out there, intentionally being deceptive with their packaging.

Fat tells your brain to….

The chemistry of foods is what makes the biggest difference in the body. They signal to the brain to either make fat or burn fat. Fat actually stimulates the brain to tell the body to burn fat, so it’s carbs really that tell the body to make and store fat. So keeping a higher fat to low carb ration and a moderate amount of protein through the day is the best approach to take.

But don’t I need carbohydrates?

There is a major myth floating around is saying that the body needs carbohydrates to properly function. Many people are believing this. In fact, the body’s need for carbs or sugars from the diet is absolutely zero. The body actually runs better and more efficiently on fats than glucose. The body–and specifically the brain–does need glucose, but it doesn’t need it from the diet. All of this glucose can be produced by fat metabolism–glucose is a byproduct–and by gluconeogenesis in the liver. Gluconeogenesis is a big fancy word for the liver’s ability to manufacture glucose. Of course, we will get some sugar and carbs in our diet pretty much no matter what, but the point is that we would be fine without it.

Looking at the overall kilojoules in a product, not just how much fat is contained is crucial. Nutrition labels can also help you compare carbohydrate, sugar and salt levels.

What the heck should I eat?

By creating a balanced diet we are sending a major signal to our bodies to become fat-burning machines. This means including the right types of foods, When we become fat-burning machines we will have more energy. We will cease constant cravings and consequently need to eat less. Then we can enjoy the long-lasting health and vitality that we all deserve.

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