There are so many strong, brilliant, and empowered female health and wellness bloggers and influencers today that it’s nearly impossible to narrow down our favorites. So let’s start this with just a few for now…. each of these women embrace and promote a balanced life offering support and encouragement. Very quickly they will feel like your long distance friend. We hope that you’ll find some joy and inspiration from our favorite health and wellness bloggers!


Rachael DeVaux – Rachael’s Good Eats

Rachael is a West Seattle based blogger. She’s a registered dietician and certified personal trainer. Her near daily (FREE) virtual home workouts are reason enough to follow her. She creates killer body burning workouts out of her kitchen and offers them up for all of her followers. How incredibly generous!

You’ll find posts ranging from home organization to epic travel adventures to inspiring anywhere work-out routines and my favorite, drool-worthy recipes!

She has created endless resources, all available for download on her site. A few of my favorite recipes of hers are her twix bars, nutter butter cookie recipe, and her cashew chocolate chip cookie skillet

She also does a to-die-for a collab with Frankie & Jo’s a few times a year featuring her cookie skillet in either ice cream sandwich form or cookies and cream flavored ice cream. 

Rachael’s Good Eats Instagram


Michelle Smith – The Whole Smiths

Michelle is the author of one of my most used cookbooks, The Good Food Cookbook, which just so happened to be the first Whole30 endorsed cookbook! Michelle’s food philosophy resinated with me from the very first time I stumbled across her Instagram account. You can read more about that here

She’s all about balance and enjoying the moments in your life. Most importantly, she acknowledges that food is a huge part of that balance. She offers easy approachable tips for food prep, getting kids to make healthier eating choices, and her recipes are super yummy! You’ll find hilarious Instagram Live’s on her account ranging from her love of Maroon 5 to her adorable daughters’ input on everyday life to Costco shopping hauls. Rebecca learned her coveted mayo recipe skills from her technique.

The Whole Smiths Instagram


Gaby Dalkin – What’s Gaby Cooking

Gaby is a chef who has been blogging since 2009. Her collection of recipes is endless! She’s authored three cookbooks, her newest, Eat What You Want,  is amazing! Gaby has partnered with Williams Sonoma to create a line of seasonings and flavored oils, the Tastes Like Pizza seasoning is life changing!  Her husband, Thomas, occasionally shows up in her Instagram and blog posts –  he’s worth a follow for his take on Gaby’s culinary skills and her adventures. 

You’ll find epic travel guides on site, her favorite products (and lots of giveaways on those products – on Instagram), weekly meal plans, and entertaining tips. Mostly though, we love how authentically herself she is. 

What’s Gaby Cooking Instagram


Ashlea Carver Adams – All the Healthy Things

Ashlea is a dog-mom and lawyer turned bomb recipe developer. She started her blog in 2016 as a creative outlet after working her 9-5 job and quickly developed it into a passion. Ashlea’s philosophy of “providing simple, real food recipes to help women live a happy balanced life that they enjoy” is so simple and honest, how could you not like her?

You’ll find beautiful mouth-watering recipes, all of which are gluten-free, on her Instagram page and blog. She shares her Trader Joe and Costco finds to make healthy cooking even more approachable. Check out Ashlea’s food and body positivity platforms, you’ll be glad you did!

All the Healthy Things Instagram


Jeannette Ogden – Shut The Kale Up

Jeannette is an “influencer” seemingly by accident, though it’s no surprise to anyone who follows her why she has a loyal following.  As a mom of two young boys she’s always on the go, making you wonder where she gets the energy and wanting her to share all her secrets. 

She is the biggest supporter of health (physical, mental, and emotional) and wellness. Our favorite thing about Jeannette is that she shares what works for her and her family but always leaves it up to you to find what works for you and yours. 

You’ll find that Jeannette consistently promotes gratitude for movement, sunshine, and health. This grounding is what you’ll find on her instagram page along with delicious recipes from her Farmer’s Market trips and stories/pictures of her and her adorable family.

ShutTheKaleUp Instagram Page



Keep and eye out for the next installment of Our Favorite Health and Wellness Bloggers – as we mentioned, there are so many great women out there and we want to do our part to support as many as we can!


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