We’ve posted a lot about the most important female hormones. Hormones that, when out of balance can cause a multitude of daily health issues for women. Now I’m tying it all together, to show you how the whole picture determines your level of adrenal fatigue, your sleep-wake cycle, and other important information such as cancer risk. Understanding your hormones is the first step towards empowering you in your health.



Determining your level of adrenal fatigue

Let’s review the hormones; estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and DHEA. These are the most important sex hormones in women that we test in saliva to understand where your overall hormone levels are. From this information, we can also calculate your progesterone to estrogen ratio. This ratio is critical in understanding how stress is affecting your hormones.

In addition, we would test your am and pm cortisol and melatonin levels. This is the final piece needed to determine your stage of adrenal fatigue. These levels will also give exact information about how to improve your sleep and energy. There are 4 stages total, I’ve outlined these stages below.  

Stages of adrenal fatigue:
  1. High cortisol and possibly low progesterone. And/or progesterone to estrogen ratio (P:E)
  2. Normal cortisol and low P:E and some other areas that might be low-normal; such as, low pm melatonin
  3. Low am or pm cortisol, low P:E and some other areas might be low or low-normal; such as, low pm melatonin
  4. Everything is low 



Testing the right things and in the right way – Custom Hormone Balance Test at Home

By testing the right hormones in the right way, we will see which ones are high or low. This testing provides us with the necessary information so we can create a personalized plan to fix them. Many women whose doctors test their hormones through blood find themselves being told “everything is normal”. However, my 14+ years of specializing in women’s hormones have taught me differently. Through testing in saliva, we get a more accurate picture. It shows us the true unbound levels of hormones in your body. Learn more about our Custom Hormone Balance Test at Home right here.


Here are the most important factors for testing the right hormones, in the right way:
  • Saliva or urine testing, not blood. You need to know the unbound hormone levels. Blood only shows what is bound and unusable by your body. This is why so many women still have symptoms despite their blood tests coming back “normal”.
  • Test progesterone levels. Many doctors make the mistake of only testing estrogen. Estrogen is touted as the most important female hormone. When in fact, I believe the most important female hormone is actually progesterone. Progesterone protects your body from the negative effects of estrogen; including estrogen-sensitive cancer risk. Without knowing progesterone levels, you cannot calculate your progesterone to estrogen ratio.
  • DHEA in women is made in the adrenal glands and is the precursor to estrogen and testosterone. DHEA is known as the well being hormone and helps with mood, energy, healthy weight and more. You need to know if you are deficient in DHEA to understand the root cause of any hormone imbalance and to what extent. 
  • Testosterone is sometimes tested by doctors, but rarely. Most doctors only look at estrogen when low testosterone is often behind a lot of peri-menopausal and menopausal symptoms. 
  • Sleep-wake cycle hormones are the hormones of your circadian rhythm. Namely, am and pm cortisol and melatonin. When this range is dialed in it can free you of low energy and improve sleep problems. Both of which can be life changing for many women!



Raising and lowering hormones

There are many options available to raise or lower your hormones. For example, certain herbs are used to lower hormones that are high. Such as, estrogen or testosterone which can be the case with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). Herbs can also be used for raising hormones that are low. There are also times when temporarily using bio-identical hormone replacement, is the fastest way to get balanced and feel relief of your symptoms.

Bio-identical hormones are different from synthetic hormones often used in conventional medicine (HRT). They are derived from plant material and made to mimic the exact hormone structure seen in your body. When used correctly, for short term, and monitored they are the healthiest, safest option. However, any hormones used long-term, and in certain situations, can pose health risks. As a result, it is always based on the individual and should be determined by accurate, unbound hormone levels achieved through salivary testing.


Custom Hormone Balance Test at Home

Bottom line, when testing your hormones you need to know how to test the right hormones and in the right way.

This month we launched the Naturkur Wellness Adrenal and Hormone Saliva home test kit! We know it can be a struggle when your doctor tests your hormones and tells you everything came back normal, but you still don’t feel like yourself. Grab your test kit now so you can test your hormones the right way and finally get the answers you’ve been looking for.