The Achiever’s Challenge

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Join us in The Achiever’s Challenge so you can…

  • Finally achieve your weight and fitness goals in 2021
  • Design your strategic plan to eliminate fatigue, mood or sleep issues, foggy brain, low libido with the help of an expert
  • Overcome your specific obstacles or challenges that have previously held you back from achieving your goals
  • Get back in the driver’s seat and feel powerful and confident in your skin again
  • Create a more meaningful life where you make an even bigger impact

Wipe the Slate Clean and Set the Tone for 2021

How would you feel if you met all of the goals you set for yourself?

Powerful? Strong? Successful?

So often, we as women put our own goals, especially health goals, on the backburner to focus on our family or career. Not making time for ourselves limits our impact on the world.

Don’t waste any more time beating yourself up about losing sight of your goals! It’s time to put YOU first so you can be the best version of yourself.


Are Your Estrogen Levels Out of Balance

What is The Achiever’s Challenge?

The Achiever’s Challenge is a comprehensive system with 3 levels of support to choose from to help you reach your goals based on your needs. It’s doctor-designed to deliver the results you have been unable to achieve until now!  

Select Your Tier Below

Tier 1: The Activator

In The Achiever’s Challenge program, the first option is The Activator, a private, one-on-one Health Strategy and Planning Session with Dr. Iris Crawford, a women’s health and hormone specialist. She’ll lead you through a process that will reveal your personal obstacles and challenges that have stopped you from reaching your health goals in the past. Together, you’ll create a blueprint for how to overcome them and implementation plan for success.

Tier 2: The Energizer

After your strategy and planning session, we will be right by your side with professional female health coaching, guiding you to achieving your own personal goals with The Energizer. This level includes The Achiever’s Launchpad, a 12-week online digital health guidance system, and 3 coaching sessions with Dr. Danica Kampfe. The Achiever’s Launchpad will take you through a series of in-depth, personalized program content over 12 weeks and provide you with fail-proof tools, tracking, and resources.

What the LaunchPad Does for you


  • Create and implement attainable goals with a unique planning and habit formation system.
  • Crush your ideal weight goal with metabolic typing and customized hormone balancing diets.
  • Free yourself of things that are no longer serving you, from processed foods to negative self-talk.
  • Provide you with a powerful stress deflection system so you can stop getting derailed.
  • Activate innate healing processes that will allow your vibrant health to shine.
  • Release you from past patterns and failures that have stopped you from becoming who you want to be.

Tier 3: The Accelerator

The Accelerator is for high achievers! It provides everything in tier 1 and tier 2 plus our Healthy Lifestyle Kit, a remote care box. The Healthy Lifestyle Kit is the cherry on top of this virtual experience because it brings the program home to you.

Here’s what you get in your kit 

  • Withings Blood Pressure Cuff
  • Fitbit Fitness Tracker
  • Body Composition Scale
  • Water Bottle
  • Protein Shaker
  • Stretch Exercise Band
  • Measuring Tape

About Dr. Crawford

Dr. Iris Crawford, is a women’s health specialist and has consulted with hundreds of women nationwide. She is known for helping busy, burned-out women get their health and energy back.  She founded Naturkur Wellness, home of The Empowered Women’s Health Project, an online organization dedicated to empowering women with their health so they can make a bigger impact in the world.

Our Success Stories...

I was dealing with a constant feeling of exhaustion and weight gain and learned through working with Dr. Crawford that I had adrenal fatigue. My stress and anxiety were a big contributor to this. I started working with Dr. Crawford with hormone balancing, which has helped me get both my energy levels back and my normal body weight back! I had forgotten what this felt like and took it for granted that feeling exhausted all the time was normal.
Kitty Suidman

Design Director: Color, Material, Finish , Sonos

When I came to see Dr. Crawford I was on a downward spiral with all of the physical things I was/am dealing with. I was dealing with brain fog, short term memory issues, nerve pain/sensitivity, fatigue, starting to gain weight, irritability, night sweats, and body aches. She listened to me with her calm energy, but I didn’t realize how much she was listening and how much she cared. One of the biggest things I deal with on top of fatigue is nerve pain which had crept its way to my feet big time by the time I came to see her. The pain in my feet keeps me from doing just about everything I love to do!

One day while talking to Dr. Crawford she told me she had been in a meeting with some colleagues and a patient with similar symptoms came up in the conversation. The patient had Lyme disease. Dr. Crawford thought of me and my symptoms and told me she felt like that could be me. She made the effort to help me get tested and find someone that could help me. After 20 years of trying to find out what has been going on with my body, getting worse every year, I finally have the diagnosis! I do have Lyme disease!

I will forever be grateful for Dr. Crawford’s concern and help! I still have a long way to go because Lyme disease affects your hormones. Night sweats have been eliminated, fatigue, irritability and body aches have decreased, and the weird weight gain stopped. These things have helped me to function and take care of my family which is huge. Seeing Dr. Crawford has been a great help!


Argyle, TX

I absolutely love being a patient with Dr. Crawford and the whole NaturKur team. I say team, because they operate as such. You aren’t just getting one, but a whole, as you are made whole. I went in not knowing what was wrong with me. I was gaining weight faster than losing it, I was tired and had major cravings for carbs and sugar. While I have regular doctors, they were only hitting the surface. After a few treatments and tests, Dr. Crawford was able to show me where I was deficient and help to balance my body and hormones. Along the way, I learned more about my eating habits and am now more in tune with what makes me feel sluggish, bloated, tired or what fills me with energy. I’ve really enjoyed the progress I’ve made and always look forward to visiting with them and gaining new knowledge of how I can keep myself balanced and in control of how my body works. If you feel you’ve hit rock-bottom and need a sign (like I did right before I met Dr. Crawford). This is your sign. Please contact them and start feeling like yourself.

Joy M.

Mountlake Terrace, WA

I’ve been blessed to have found Dr. Crawford’s practice and participated in her hormone rebalancing program. I was at a point in my life where I struggled with the symptoms of fatigue and the inability to lose weight no matter what I did with my diet and workout programs. I was previously on birth control for over a decade and had seen previous doctors before finding Dr. Crawford. She offered me solutions that helped my overall well-being and improvement to the quality of life. Dr. Crawford meets you with genuine kindness and strives solve the issues you are dealing with by getting to the root of the issue. I’ve been blessed to see improvements in my health highly attributed to her guidance and care. I highly recommend her programs for hormonal balance, well – being, stress management, and metabolism management.


Maple Valley, WA

I have always been interested in testing my hormonal balance especially as I near menopause. Dr. Crawford was extremely knowledgeable, very professional and easy to talk to as well. Testing was very easy and quick.

After getting tested and talking with her about a solution, we were able to make a plan that has improved my adrenals, my energy level and sleep. I would highly recommend working with Dr. Crawford to anyone who is experiencing symptoms of hormone imbalance balance, she will change your life.


Edmonds, WA

I received help with hormone imbalance and thyroid issues. My overall health has improved dramatically. I always feel like I get great medical info that I haven’t been able to get anywhere else. I feel like Dr. Crawford and her team are very invested in my success and have created a place for me to get not only my weight loss issues addressed but also many other concerns that I hadn’t found answers to anywhere else.
Shannon O.

Three months ago, I was feeling pretty defeated. I had gained nearly 30 pounds since my previous annual physical, without the joys of overindulging on food. I was exercising daily and restricting my calories, yet the pounds wouldn’t come off. I had given up sugar, coffee, alcohol, pasta, and dairy to no avail. I had even started walking during conference calls to up my activity level (walking in excess of seven miles a day instead of sitting on my butt while at work)

The straw that broke the camel’s back was when the internist I’d been seeing for over 10 years made me feel like she doubted what I was telling her about my daily eating and exercising habits. I started researching online for alternative solutions. That’s when I stumbled upon NaturKur’s website, and I’m so thankful that I did.

With the help of the NaturKur team, I completed the 9-week Weight Loss program. I’ve lost all of the weight that I had gained last year and reset my metabolism. Little did I know, I wasn’t eating enough calories. Years of depriving myself of food actually broke my metabolism, making it hard to lose weight.

The saliva test uncovered that I had estrogen dominance and adrenal fatigue—two things that I’d never heard of—which contributed to my unexplained weight gain and lack of energy. I’m now working with Dr. Crawford to correct both issues, and I feel better than ever.

If you’re ready to make a healthy change, I highly recommend the folks at NaturKur. They will support you as much—or as little—as you need. I finished just over a month ago, and I’m pleased to report that my weight has stabilized and my energy level remains high. I’m finally eating the foods that I avoided all those years, without guilt or a negative impact on the scale.


I was struggling with many things: weight, over-eating, anxiety, depression, and overall health. I lost about 20 pounds and transformed my eating habits and metabolism. I’ve also worked with Dr. Crawford on addressing hormonal and thyroid issues that affect my mood. I feel much lighter and have more energy. I’m not craving really bad food and I’m optimistic about my overall health goals moving forward. I feel like I’m on the road to being the healthiest I’ve ever been. Everyone is amazing and you provide really helpful resources to be successful.

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