Most people are familiar with saunas from their time at gyms, spas, pools, or ski lodges, and know what it’s like to sit in a hot, humid cedar room sweating out their toxins. Most users love saunas because they’re simultaneously so good for both physical and mental health, and the dramatic effects of saunas on the human body have been proven many times over. But did you know that there’s a second type of sauna out there that provides all those benefits and more?

Far Infrared Saunas: Modern Meets Ancient

Traditionally saunas, such as Native American sweat lodges or Finnish wood-heated cedar saunas, have operated for centuries by heating the air and moisture in the room to heat the body, and most saunas still operate on this principle. Far infrared saunas accomplish the same objective but do so by heating the body directly using waves of infrared light. The temperature of the air is typically only increased by 20 percent, meaning that 80 percent of the energy is directed into the body thereby producing a great, permeating internal heat and inducing 2 or 3 times as much sweat but at much lower room temperatures. This not only means that your body will be shedding itself of more toxins through the discarded sweat, but the temperature is much more bearable and also poses less risk to users.

Advantages of Far Infrared

Because a far infrared sauna uses light to heat the body directly, you’ll be amazed at how quickly and thoroughly it works, and when you consider the number of health benefits, it is immensely worth the time it takes to sit and relax for half an hour. Medical studies have shown that high infrared saunas can improve blood pressure and circulation, soothe arthritis, burn calories, speed wound and muscle recover, and provide numerous other benefits.

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