If you read my blog articles last week, you now understand the severity of the problem and how toxic our environment really is. But how do you know just how toxic you are? Here are the major things that you may be experiencing related to toxic build up.

Signs you might be toxic:

  1. Fatigue– Consistent low energy, even after 8 or 9 hours of sleep can definitely be a red flag that you have a toxic burden. Toxins are present at the cellular level and each cell struggles to clean itself out so it can do its main job which is to create energy. If toxins are present they block the energy production causing fatigue.
  2. Stubborn weight– If you’ve tried everything and the weight still won’t come off, this is a major sign you have toxic build-up. One of the body’s methods of fighting back against toxic exposure is to create protective fat cells around the toxins themselves. So toxins directly trigger fat to be made in the body! If no matter what you do the weight won’t come off, you need to get the toxins out in order for the fat to come off.
  3. Muscle aches and pains– Persistent pain can be a sign that toxins are inside joint and muscle tissue and can’t get out. You need to actively detox to rid the body of these toxins which will reduce chronic pain.
  4. Constipation– Not having regular, daily bowel movements can be caused by toxins present in the gut but it also CAUSES toxicity because if you can’t eliminate waste from the body, the toxins will get reabsorbed back into the system, increasing the toxic burden.
  5. Skin problems– Our skin is the largest detoxification organ in the body and any issues showing up there represent your entire health including toxins in the body. Things such as acne, rashes, puffy eyes or dark circles, eczema, and psoriasis all can be linked to toxic overload.
  6. Bad breath or body odor– If no matter how much you brush your teeth or take care of your personal hygiene, you still have bad breath or body odor, it might be because you are toxic. Your gut and liver need to be functioning optimally in order to detox and bad breath or body odor reflects how well they are doing.
  7. Sensitivity to scents and/or chemicals– If exposure to perfumes and fragrances create health issues such as headaches or upset stomach, this can point to a toxic build-up in the body.
  8. Brain fog or poor memory– Toxins can affect the central nervous system as well as other factors involving brain and memory. If you have noticed difficulty with word recall or remembering names or events or are having problems focusing on tasks, toxins may be the culprit.
  9. PMS symptoms or menstrual irregularity– Hormonal symptoms such as moodiness, irritability, heavy bleeding, bowel changes, hair loss, and irregular cycles tells us exactly what our hormones are doing. Hormones are directly affected by most toxins so if you suffer from any of these symptoms, you probably would benefit from doing a detox.
  10. Sleep disturbances– Insomnia, restlessness, and other sleep disturbances can be related to toxic overload. Without sleep the body can’t repair or lose weight. You need to get rid of the toxins so you can be well-rested and lose weight overnight while you sleep.

So there you have it! The top 10 signs you might be toxic.

If you feel that you identified with even a few of these, the next step would be to start getting rid of the toxins that are holding you back from addressing your biggest health concerns. By the way, every single one of these things contributes to weight gain! This is why it is so important if you are trying to lose weight and what you are doing is not working, you must rid the body of the toxic burden so that you can finally see results.

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