We get a lot of questions about hormone balancing and hormonal imbalances. What is it? Does it apply to you? Can it help you? The questions go on and on. To many it’s a foreign concept because it’s not something that’s talked about much in conventional medicine. But we’re here to help! Knowledge is power and we want to help empower you in your own health. The first step to that is understanding your hormones! If you still have questions after reading this blog post, schedule a free consultation with us or dig deeper into our blog vault to continue empowering your health possible hormone imbalance symptoms!

How do I know if my hormones are balanced? 

Most women know when something isn’t right. Here are a few most common hormone imbalance symptoms:

  • tired
  • moody
  • weight gain
  • sleep issues
  • chronic pain
  • foggy brain
  • low libido
  • you just don’t feel like yourself

Most women have a hormone imbalance caused by stress! Of course we can’t always get rid of stress or the ability to become a meditation-jedi so that stress does not affect us. Therefore, you need to address the imbalances and arm your body with the tools it needs to ward off the effects of stress.

What are the hormonal imbalance symptoms?

  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • menstrual irregularity
  • PMS
  • Infertility
  • weight gain
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches
  • Joint pain
  • hair loss
  • foggy brain
  • Acne
  • dry skin
  • Hot flashes/night sweats
  • low libido
  • vaginal dryness and/or pain with intercourse

How do you get your hormone levels checked?

The free or bioavailable hormone is the only way to verify what your true hormone levels are. This is most easily done using saliva or urine. Saliva happens to be more affordable and we believe it’s the best method. Unfortunately, most doctors will only test blood since they may not be up to date on the most recent research and/or are not hormone experts. Also, it is important to test the right hormones when trying to address the root cause of hormone imbalances which stems from the adrenal stress response. You can test right now from home with Dr. Crawford’s custom adrenal and hormone panel!

How long does it take to balance hormones?

If you are working with a hormone expert, it can take 3-6 months and the ultimate goal should be to get your own body to be able to maintain the balance itself. There are very few circumstances in which a woman needs long-term hormone therapy. As a result, this is why in most cases, hormone implants are problematic. For instance, implants can’t be adjusted to change the dose and usually there is no plan in place discontinue their use. When properly supported, we believe the body should be able to make its own hormones and in the right balance. 

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